Focused Ultrasound Surgery Foundation

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The Focused Ultrasound Surgery Foundation is a nonprofit organization created to improve the lives of millions of people worldwide by accelerating the development and adoption of Focused Ultrasound – a game changing therapeutic technology. Developed to its full potential, focused ultrasound promises to revolutionize treatments for many of today’s most serious and debilitating conditions.

The development of a major therapeutic device from concept stage to adoption as the standard of care is a complex, slow, inefficient process involving diverse organizations and stakeholders with different agendas and time constants. The Foundation’s strategy is to streamline the process by positioning itself at the nexus of the stakeholders where it can exert a catalytic role and serve as a compass to influence the direction of the field.

Towards this end, the Foundation has established a number of programs including planning, coordinating and funding pre-clinical and clinical research; establishing a collaborative research network to connect investigators working at various research sites around the world; funding fellowships for clinicians and scientists; creating Centers of Excellence – luminary sites for research, training and patient care; organizing meetings, symposia and workshops; facilitating regulatory approval and insurance reimbursement; and increasing awareness of what has been termed "medicine’s best kept secret." The Foundation’s work is made possible by contributions from individuals, foundations and corporations. 

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Strategic Programs
The Foundation supports initiatives that address a range of issues to advance focused ultrasound, including:
o The Foundation is the largest non-governmental funder of focused ultrasound research, investing more than $4 million in research projects during the last 5 years.
o The Foundation organizes and funds innovation to pioneer new applications, including brain disorders and tumors of the liver and pancreas.
o The Foundation has established a worldwide network of researchers and treatment sites dedicated to focused ultrasound.
o The Foundation funds Fellowships to enable up-and-coming scientists to work with luminaries at leading focused ultrasound treatment and research sites.
Centers of Excellence
o The Foundation helped establish luminary sites for setting best practices and standards, starting with a state-of-the-art focused ultrasound center at the University of Virginia.
Meetings, symposia and workshops
o The Foundation organizes a bi-annual symposium, as well as a series of workshops convening research experts to establish critical paths for new applications.
o The next symposium will be held in October 2012 in Washington, D.C.
Regulatory and Reimbursement
o The Foundation has established collaborative programs to examine the value proposition of focused ultrasound, build evidence and advocate for reimbursement from healthcare payers.
o Thanks in part to the relationship between the Foundation and the FDA, focused ultrasound is gaining traction. In 2011, the FDA for the first time recognized the potential of focused ultrasound to “reduce the number of invasive surgeries that patients need.”
o The Foundation has earned a reputation as the most trusted source of timely and authoritative information about focused ultrasound.
o Their website,, offers up-to-date information about treatment sites, clinical trials, research funding, equipment manufacturers and more. 

The focused ultrasound surgery foundation have launched the Fibroids Relief organization, to increase patient awareness and access to new treatment options for patients suffering from uterine fibroids. 

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